Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baking on a Budget!

Hi everyone! Welcome! So this is my first blog. My name is Heather and I currently live and work in Boston- a wonderful but very expensive city to live in! As much as I would love to eat out whenever I wanted to, since there are so many fabulous restaurants out there, it is just too expensive. The reason I've started this blog, is one I LOVE to bake. If anyone has met me or knows me I love to be in the kitchen baking up something tasty and it's time I start sharing!  But I'm also a teacher, and let's face it: we don't make much money! And baking can be an expensive hobby to have! So this blog is dedicated to me baking my way through life but on a budget.  Recipes I will choose, will generally be chosen with my small pursestrings in mind.  So follow me as I get creative and bake. (and cook!)..on a budget!

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